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. . . Read the right to understand why searching for "spots to sleep" should not enrich GOOG or MSFT.




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Rather than ask you to search by location or date and then further choose a needle from the haystack of results returned, this website provides free software to use on any older computer or smartphone able to handle  HTML 4 from this site. This does not use any licensed software and is free.

. . . . .The "net" has always been use of telecommunications via an intermingled network of wires and demanded this public communications medium be recognized by the FCC et. al. in United States Federal Court as a common carrier.

. . . . .After about six years of diligent legal work from a wheelchair, and after causing many "hundreds of thousands" to be spent in legal fees alone; On February 26, 2015 the United States FCC finally admitted...

. . . . .Reno v ACLU (1997) was an obvious mistake made by a senile, porn-addicted oligarchy (SCOTUS) calling common carriers of wire communications some mysterious undefined "HOLY new medium" instead of 47 USC §153 ¶(59) communications by wire like defined on June 19, 1934.

. . . . .This was instead of just recognizing the development of an interconnected usage of wires for telecommunications because radio waves travel only in straight lines and not around the Earth like wires do!