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. . . Read the right to understand why searching for spots to sleep should not enrich GOOG or MSFT by even one cent.




. . . . .The "web", called various terms to protect free porn, created a hazardous nuisance of free porn and destroyed the innocence of most humans.

. . . . .United States Article III Justices are, in fact, the most consistently addicted humans, as a group, to free  online porn.  These porn addicts will continue to twist  rulings, as needed, to avoid calling the kettle as black as their robes.

. . . . .The "net" is, and has always been, an unsafe use of telecommunications via an intermingled network of wires and should have been regulated by the Federal Communications Commission to protect the rights of parents to parent and raise innocent children.

. . . . .After many years in "U.S. Cort" and  "hundreds of thousands" spent to protect free porn by GOOG and MSFT; On February 26, 2015 the United States FCC admitted Reno v ACLU (1997) was an obvious mistake.

. . . . .The FCC now calls common  carrier wires Title II telecommunications instead of some mysterious "HOLY new medium" to broadcast porn using wires for telecommunications.

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